The Clubs

Update: May 12th, 2016


Camelot (キャメロット)

Web Site


Shibuya (渋谷)

Closest Station

Shibuya (渋谷)


TEL: 03-5728-5613


Type: Club (Japanese Themed Club)
Size: Very Large
Entrance (F/S): * Men ¥3500/2D (¥2000/2D with discount ticket)
* Women ¥2500/2D (¥1000/2D with discount ticket)
* Grab a discount ticket (for gaijin men and women only !) that is usually given at the exit
Music: Hip Hop, Japanese trance/techno
Dress Code: No sandals, no shorts, no visible tattoos, no tank tops (for men..), etc etc.
Gaijin Level: 2/5 — A good share
Drinks: Most are ¥700 (Light)


* Very large with 3 dance floors
* Private spaces for women
* Discounted entrance for foreigners and women (!)
* Very commercial music..
* Lots of seats, but most are for women and/or VIP (there is tables cover charge)

Why Going?

* It’s a big sea with a lot of fish
* You are looking for something similar to ALife, but not so unforgiving
* You don’t care so much for the music…
* You don’t mind (cheap) VIPness
* You were a big fan of Vanilla in Roppongi

Why Not Going?

* It looks like a nampa place, but the girls are very much in sister-sister mode
* Your idea of clubbing actually includes music as well
* Lots of cheap suits !