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Update: May 12th, 2016


ageHa (アゲハ)

Web Site


Shinkiba (新木場)

Closest Station

Shinkiba (新木場)


2-2-10 Kotou-ku
Shinkiba, Tokyo 136-0082


Type: Club (Standard Japanese Club)
Size: Very Large
Entrance (F/S): * Starts from ¥3500/NO drinks

The price can go all the way up to ¥5500, no discount for women. In some cases, a ¥1500 discount to use next time is given at the entrance. This discount however is limited to one month and does not apply to special events.
Check the official web-site for the schedule and other details.
Remember to bring your ID with you !

Music: Depends on the event. Big foreign DJs come here.
Dress Code: None
Gaijin Level: 3/5 — Who needs Japanese ?
Drinks: Most are ¥600 (Medium-Strong)


* Hosts big events with main internation DJs
* Huge place with 2 dance floors, open space pool area, multiple bars, food shops, darts…

Why Going?

* Plenty of space, indoor and outdoor, gives a great sense of freedom lacking in other clubs in Tokyo
* Great audio and video systems. This is the real thing !
* Convenient club bus pickup in Shibuya (also takes you back to Shibuya)
* Event with top international DJs

Why Not Going?

* It’s quite far from the center of Tokyo
* Pricey ! Ticket price normally does not include drinks
* Returning bus tickets (available at the items shop) kind of go away. You may have to wait for your turn
* Not really a pick-up place, but you are free to try ;)