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ColoR.Tokyo Night Cafe is a recent club, somewhat in the Japanese Disco style, that has opened in Roppongi. The crowd is relatively young. Apparently coming from Camelot (Shibuya) and Vanity (Roppongi). It should be worth checking out. See our dedicated page for more details !

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alife recently went through a minor renewal for its 6th year of business. I went to visit the place last Saturday to see what has changed, if anything. Inside, some of the columns and walls are now covered with a cartoony theme, the lounge above appears more spacious but the rest was frozen in time. […]

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Marc_0 pointed us at a streamable version of his gig from Anthem Night III @ Ultra Lounge a couple of weeks ago (was listed in our Google calendar). Enjoy !!!

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We’ve received a few requests for suggestions on where to spend the New Year’s eve night. Everyone more or less already realized that not much is happening on New Year’s in Tokyo. New Year’s in Japan is much like Christmas on the western part of the world: mostly a time to spend with the family. […]

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Finding good trance in Tokyo is not easy. Sure, Japanese Disco clubs will give into some trance, but unfortunately it’s the same tunes that they have been playing for the past 5 years or so. Cindy Lauper remix of “Time After Time” and some other gingles that will get the crowd wild and chanting “Odore […]

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Times Online has a funny article about the state of business Muse ;)
Picturing HL female customers as gold diggers is actually more wishful thinking. The truth is that most are plainly long past the marriage age for Japanese standards..
Still, Heathland has entertained us for years and we certainly wish all our best to the place.

Speaking of lack of action, last weekend Mado Lounge was also not terribly active. We got in for ¥3500 with no drink, only to find out that the larger dance floor was closed.
It wasn’t so bad, but certainly not worth the entrance ticket.. beware of slow nights at Mado Lounge !

Enjoy !

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I just got back from a Roppongi tour for a special guest.
I completely avoided Roppongi crossing, with the African dudes pounding to get us some sleazy entertainment and went straight to the Heartland. There the girls were as usual… not quite girls anymore, but a good place to talk.
Next step was the Muse. Good old reliable Muse. But time went by and by 2 AM guys were outnumbering girls by far.
So, we decided to cut the chase and go to the hot place.. alife.. stunning stunning beautiful girls !!!
Dumb as I am, I didn’t make half of a move.. but there was at least one situation in which I should have and I’m going to regret that for a long time.

Friday night gives a 6 to Heartland, a 6 to Muse and an 8 to alife.

Heartland played nice but didn’t provide the goods aside from meeting some old friends.
Muse played fair and didn’t provide tangible good: one playful girl and her future husband and one uncertain girl with an engagement ring.. ehh ?!.
Alife didn’t provide any old friend but gave a great vision… and we are all fans of great graphics.. until we get to upgrade to physics simulation.

On a side note, last week’s Xross let us down. They refused our supposedly outdated discount entry and provided us with lackluster entertainment (where were the chicks ?).

bha !

Some of you asked for more action pictures about the club scene…. we’re thinking to go suck up on clubs and get us nice shots about the action.. but we’d like to get more feedback on that. So, mail us over at

Write and tell us !!!

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DGP here.

Back from a night out in Roppongi. I met MilanoCookie and Mac’n’Roe at Heartland. We aren’t really big fans of that bar so we went straight down Nishi-Azabu crossing aiming to Xross.
As we passed in front of Muse we felt somewhat compelled to get in, but I kept pushing for Xross: not yet another Muse-night, please !

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