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Check out the latest ASOT Episode from Armin Van Buuren Free from! (Use VLC on Mac OS X) When it comes to clubbing, Tokyo can be a very resourceful city. However, it’s often hard to pick the right place. Old clubs close, new one open, trends change, peoples’ interests shift. We give you an […]

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A bit of a short notice.. but if you are in need for Trance music tonight (Sat, August the 22nd), DJ marc_0 is going to celebrate his birthday with another “Confidential” event @ club Tangerine in Shibuya. House/Electro/Progressive/Trance – Guys 1,500/1D – Girls 1,000/1D ( WEAR ALL BLACK FOR 500 yen Discount! ) Hi there! […]

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Finding good trance in Tokyo is not easy. Sure, Japanese Disco clubs will give into some trance, but unfortunately it’s the same tunes that they have been playing for the past 5 years or so. Cindy Lauper remix of “Time After Time” and some other gingles that will get the crowd wild and chanting “Odore […]

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Here are some shots of last month’s Armin gig at ageHa.
Big Thanks go to our friend and contributor Matrix (aka (DJ) Marc_0) for sneaking in a camera.. which is quite a feat, considering the overly zealous “security” (are cameras dangerous ? 8) at the club.

As an added bonus, Mr. Marc_0 also managed to take a short video clip. The quality is surprisingly good, considering it was all done with a pocked digital camera in a less than favorable environment.

See it on YouTube

Enjoy !

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