2010: The year we make contact ?

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How was your 2010 celebration ?

I hope nobody tried to go clubbing on the 1st or the 2nd or even on the 3rd.
Very few clubs are open on the first days of the year, because most Japanse spend those days with the family, often in a different city than Tokyo.

The hope for TokyoClubbers is that 2010 will give us more free time to update the site more frequently.

There are still so many clubs to add to the list and so many places to visit and talk about.
But it’s not easy.. with a day job and additional hobby projects flying around, sometimes the time to go out clubbing just isn’t there.

Though, one must admit that that’s just an excuse ! It’s nice to stay at home, watching LOL cats pictures and with the TV on. Give it enough time and one may just think that clubbing is not so important.
…Heresy ! It’s important to break the monotony and the comfort of everyday life, and clubbing is perhaps the simplest way to do it.
You don’t need a special plan, a special event or always to go the best club, the club with the best music or with the best odds for nampa.

Sometimes the smallest and lest known club can reserve some pleasant surprises.  And even if one ends up in a crappy place, it’s still been an adventure.

My suggestion for this year is to be more adventurous and don’t let monotony force you into the usual clubs, the safe bets where you know what to expect. But instead take a challenge from time to time and go check out alternative places.. and then let us know how it went 8)

Happy 2010 !!

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