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We’ve received a few requests for suggestions on where to spend the New Year’s eve night.
Everyone more or less already realized that not much is happening on New Year’s in Tokyo.
New Year’s in Japan is much like Christmas on the western part of the world: mostly a time to spend with the family.
DSC04913That is not to say that parties don’t happen. In fact, pretty much every club and bar out there will be open for celebration, but you can forget about big name DJs bothering to show up. Especially since Velfarre closed shop a couple of years ago.

We’ll all be joining friends’ home parties and ditching the clubs this year. But otherwise picking your favorite club to wait and party to the countdown and beyond could be fun as well.

In our experience, Roppongi doesn’t really offer anything special on New Year’s eve.. more noise, but that’s about it. Some bars and clubs tend to get really overcrowded.

On a more traditional note, it may be work visiting a temple or a shrine. It can be rather suggestive. A different experience, definitely a must for those that are in Tokyo as tourists. Check out the Tokyo Turism Info site.
New Years at Meiji Shrine
Our suggestion on that is not to go necessarily for the biggest and baddest temple. Specifically, the Meiji-Jingu shrine will be packed full of people. Chances are that as the year will be turning you’ll be stuck in line with, literally, a million other people.
The turnout is so massive that people going towards the shrine are actually forbidden from going back, unless they are feeling sick (or pretending to ;)
So, a less popular, more accessible shrine or temple is definitely suggested.

So, whatever you pick, Enjoy and have a fun New Year’s celebration !
Also let us know how it went for you !

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