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Marc_O at solfaFinding good trance in Tokyo is not easy. Sure, Japanese Disco clubs will give into some trance, but unfortunately it’s the same tunes that they have been playing for the past 5 years or so. Cindy Lauper remix of “Time After Time” and some other gingles that will get the crowd wild and chanting “Odore Odore!” (Dance Dance !).. if that’s your kind of thing..  I didn’t think so.

It gets a bit better going to places such as Atom. Fun to try, but we are still in a different world with a different kind of music, really.

Famous trance DJs do come from time to time, but they are very rare and they are all pretty much all the way to ageHa.

In those cases the club gets really packed with a lot of us gaijin clearly showing that there is a gap to fill there.

With the Velfarre closing 2 years ago, there has been little hope for those of us that are itching for that weekly fix in Tokyo.

Fortunately our friend and contributor Marc_0 (aka Matrix), a big trance fan, has been gaining momentum as a DJ.

He’s been mixing to a few minor clubs and bars bit with a discrete success. He tells us that owners are rather reluctant to let DJs play trance, but he’s been trying to persuade owners to let go of the fear and get him to play the good stuff 8)

This week he’s going to perform along with DJ Eiji, at Bar Quest on the 26th (Fri) and at Ultra Lounge on the 27th (Sat), both places located in Roppongi.

He’s assured us that he’ll be firing those trance tunes for us and as a special deal, Bar Quest entrance will be free or charge, while Ultra Lounge will be ¥1500/1D with other drinks being ¥800 instead of the usual ¥1000 !

We are definitely looking forward to those two events.. which are frankly minor, but overall worth checking out and supporting.

Anthem Night @Bar Quest, Friday 26th ->

Anthem Night II @Ultra Lounge, Saturday 27th ->

Enjoy !!

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