Hearthland’s stock going down ?

November 13th, 2008 | Categories: Heartland, Mado Lounge, Roppongi | Tags:

Times Online has a funny article about the state of business Hearthland ;)
Picturing HL female customers as gold diggers is actually more wishful thinking. The truth is that most are plainly long past the marriage age for Japanese standards..
Still, Heathland has entertained us for years and we certainly wish all our best to the place.

Speaking of lack of action, last weekend Mado Lounge was also not terribly active. We got in for ¥3500 with no drink, only to find out that the larger dance floor was closed.
It wasn’t so bad, but certainly not worth the entrance ticket.. beware of slow nights at Mado Lounge !

Enjoy !

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