Yellow, not my favorite club

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Yesterday I went with a few friends to Yellow in Nishi-Azabu. Supposedly there was some famous DJ mixing, so by 12 AM people were lining up outside.
Frankly I have no idea of who the DJ was, but I was going there to meet a few friends so I shelled those ¥4000 (no drink ticket !).

The place was packed and it was a chore to even order drinks. Nonetheless we managed to enjoy ourselves.

The trouble arrived when we wanted to leave. At first we couldn’t find the key of the locker, so I asked to the “friendly” staff by the entrance and the guy told me that we’d have to wait until the night was over.. what ??
Then I asked him if I could walk 10 meters upstair to get phone connection to make a call, and the guy insisted that I could not cross some imaginary line. All I needed was to walk upstair make a call and go back down, in full view of the staff, but they wouldn’t let me no matter what.

The real problem with Yellow is that the staff is pretty rude and inflexible. Some bartenders are nice, but the other staff can’t even crack a smile when you hand those 4000 yen at the entrance.
I’m not sure what the deal is, but Yellow’s service is definitely below-standard. That is probably a minor issue, unless you’ve been spoiled by the excellent service that one gets in most other shops in Japan 8)

As a final note, when there are those big events I suggest going early (11 PM or so), otherwise you may end up waiting outside and not being able to find a locker (we were lucky !).

  1. brian
    December 23rd, 2007 at 00:40
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    I liked the club layout to some extent, the dance floor after those spiral stairs etc, it was kinda cool, like a jail/cage down there, however it was too small to let so many people in, ordering a drink was a total pita, and the beer in those vending machines is way too small. Not many chicks either and music was so so.