Pushy dancers and fragile Japanese girls

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Last Saturday I decided to go check the situation around Roppongi crossing.
I first went to Wallstreet (not listed yet). WS is a small bar with some sort of dancing floor, it’s on the corner before TGI Fridays.
On some evening one bartender will do some cool fire performances. Nice how waiters walk around to get your drink orders. The crowd however is quite international: Japanese cuties are rare at best.
I tried a 500 yen drink discount that I got a couple of month before, but I was told that it’s not good after 10 PM. There is nothing written on the ticket about when it can be used, but, oh well.

After Wallstreet I went to check 911. Relatively packed, usual crowd, including a couple of voluptuous South American ladies which seem to be there everyday looking for some chicken..

From chicken to chicks, as I was standing next to a table, a poor Japanese girl was being overwhelmed by an overly enthusiastic African dude that perhaps wasn’t the most romantic person in the premises.
The girl reached for my arm as to look for a way out, so I kindly excused her from the excited fellow.
She seemed rather desperate to get help, which is sad but at the same time frustrating. Frustrating to know that there are girls out there that can’t simply tell a guy to get the fack away from them.

It was an African guy this time, but on previous occasion I saw a drunken Japanese guy being equally pushy. In that case the guy was less physical but somehow believed that some girl had become his girlfriend for that night.

It’s good to be confident, but it’s also important to get a hint ;)

Speaking of hints, how about this one from Mr.Mystery ? He cracks me up, but I know a guy or two that could use his advice (cough cough).

“..the lights going crazy !!”
“..the disco ball giving all those additional glares !!”

Until next weekend !

  1. epic619
    May 12th, 2008 at 17:04
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    thats some crazy stuff . never have i seen anything like it in the states .

    hmmm what will happen ? im going to shibuya next month .