The longest Friday

November 11th, 2007 | Categories: air, no name, Yellow | Tags:

This Friday we decided to pay a little visit to Air for The Hacienda Mix Release Party (whatever ?).
We got in a bit late but not much usually happens at Air before 1:30 AM !
It was an enjoyable night. The club is rather spacious and one can walk around looking for something or looking for nothing, which is still better than having to hang all the time by the dance floor.

Before going to Air we were at a nearby hidden bar with no name (can’t get any more difficult !). The bar with no name has no homepage and no telephone.. but we managed to snatch a flyer from last week, with some directions. It’s a small place and not necessarily too packed but the view is cool and nothing beats walking 30 minutes trying to find the place ;)

At 5AM we then left Air and headed for some after hours at Yellow.. but frankly we couldn’t keep up with most of the late birds there, so we finally gave up at 8 in the morning.

Oh well.. !

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