Halloween at alife and Milk

October 29th, 2007 | Categories: alife, halloween, milk | Tags:

Your dearest DGP came back from a business trip in the USA on Friday afternoon and promptly joined badass DJ MattB, of RaNDom crew for an interesting night at Milk.
A relatively calm Friday night, not bad considering the typhoon scaring people away. Few people, few girls, most good looking !

For Saturday night I headed with a couple of friends to alife in Nishi-Azabu.
A lot of masked people, a lot of hot girls dressed as maids and policewomen.. and anything went ;)

Pretty much the usual alife crowd, including the die-hard salaryman-boys with their suits. C’mon, black suits on Saturdays ?!

Alcohol servings were pretty generous at the rather empty bar at the back of the main dance floor, near the super-duper-VIP area. There is really no point in going to the other bar at by the dance floor: a lot more crowded and stringy bartenders.

Until next report, DGP out !

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