Notes about nampa in Japanese disco clubs

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This is a simple overview about nampa in Japanese disco clubs.. which currently pretty much means alife and Xross to some extent.

In most cases girls will come in couples. Japanese women tend to be especially attached and protective of each other. Many will hold hands and continuously keep track of their friend like their lives would depend on each other. Sometimes only one of the two is boyfriendless. In that case the friend will get extra protective (read: pain in the ass) as she’s not in business for herself.

The goal in these clubs is definitely not the music. Girls come fully aware that men will try to pick them up and actually expect that to happen.
If a girl with too many attentions acts like a bitch, a girl with no attentions does get upset when nobody comes around to offer her a drink. For this reason it’s actually good to sometimes go early, so that the few girls that are around are still in need for attentions. Though it’s true that later in the night alcohol effects will help them relax, it’s also true that many won’t drink as much and alcohol effects are multiple and not all positive anyway..

Most nampa is on the dance floor (especially considering that most seats are for women and "VIP"). Two girls will dance, two guys will approach them trying to get some physical contact, grabbing hands as to raise them chanting along with the music. Some overly excited guys will downright grab the women and insist on them to sing "odore ! odore !" (dance ! dance !).
Then, one of the guys orders drinks and that’s pretty much it. Though not a done deal by any means, as most girls will be very glad to get their drinks and walk away after a while. So, don’t count those off, but rather keep an eye on the situation and wait your "turn".
Girls can actually be pretty manipulative. Some will give fake names from the start. Some will just let the men to pay for drinks, midnight snacks, taxicabs, anything. Then give their phone number but never return calls again.

When the club gets very crowded, the seemingly random crowd has some actual interesting dynamics. Two or more girls will be dancing and a bunch of men will basically surround them. Everyone dances towards the DJ, so it’s hard to get eye contact. Yet the guys with their friends will constantly try to cut other guys off to get closer the girls.
Reached maximum proximity one may try to make a surprise move. And here comes the hard part for the foreigner, because surprising a girl from behind without freaking her out is not easy. Japanese have their own preset of involuntary behaviors that will instinctively make the girls feel at ease.
When compared to some western cultures Japanese men can apprear to be rude yet not really hurtful at the same time. The complex physical interaction that develops in a culture is definitely a matter on its own, but the point really is that using the same approaches that Japanese men use is probably not going to work so well, thus the difficulty of picking up girls in this type of clubs.

This is especially true in alife for example, where there is little room for variety: everything pretty much has to happen on the dance floor and the Japanese guys in their cheap suits seem a lot more confident in that environment.
Xross offers a bit more chances to the foreigners, Vanilla used to be a lot better (though terribly packed) but that is gone…

We are actually planning to try get one of those pretentious VIP seats and see how it goes. The price is not bad, though the actual value is still unknown.. do those seats actually help to pick up girls ? Do they give an actual popularity boost, or are those more like a status symbol for those that already have a certain status (rich business owners that bring kyabajos to the club).

We shall see !

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