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September 19th, 2007 | Categories: future plans, TC, tokyoclubbers, updates | Tags:

Hi everyone !
This is a quick summary of some recent changes we made to the site.

A bar, the Midtown’s A971 and a club, Vuenos in Shibuya were added in the past week.

Special Thanks go to Mr.JP which helped with infos on Vuenos and other clubs that will be listed later on.

We are also working on other changes to improve the site overall.
One subtle but useful change is the addition to tags to the articles/stories. Tags allow articles to be categorized, for example with tags we can relate a club to a certain article.
If you are reading an article and want to read more articles touching a specific topic, then click on the tag buttons right below the article’s title, to see all articles using the same tag.
There aren’t many articles yet, but tags will definitely come handy for in the future.

Another addition that will come hopefully in the next weeks is a new photo gallery system.. and we also plan on adding new pictures, possibly with the help of willing readers ;)

Traffic on the site is slowly raising, but still rather low. However, our stats tell us that most visitors come with web searches and that actually stick around the site to read a few pages (stats are provided by Google and are completely anonymous, in full respect of visitors’ privacy).

Other small changes, include a better usage of the site’s real estate and a larger, more readable font and some club info in Japanese.

Stay tuned for more improvements and various articles !

Enjoy !

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