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July 7th, 2007 | Categories: alife, nishi-azabu, Nishiazabu | Tags:

Yesterday night we went for Nishi-Azabu’s alife.
Possibly, because it was a Tanabata night event, where Japanese couples are possibly out dating, the environment was a bit different.
The cafe+club entrance before 23 for ¥1000/2D was not available. In fact, the cafe only opened after 23.
Nonetheless we go in for ¥2000/2D, ¥1500 off for the early birds.

The club was rather empty until around 00:30. We really liked the all-mix music, stuff for everyone and not so much “yoyoyo” (hip-hop).

Physical changes to the club were hard to spot, a lot more gaijin thoughts were on the premises. Really quite a bit of them. Possibly a result of the Vanilla, which has displaced the foreigners that dig Japanese disco.

This time around there weren’t really that many girls. We had a few chats, but nothing conclusive.

Clubs change constantly, also depending on the specific day. It’s nice to see things being a bit more mixed, but cuties were hard to to spot, excluding the off-work kyabajo (hostess-bar girls).

It will be interesting to see how alife progresses, if the crowd will get more international.

…until next weekend.. enjoy your job ;)

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