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DGP here.

Back from a night out in Roppongi. I met MilanoCookie and Mac’n’Roe at Heartland. We aren’t really big fans of that bar so we went straight down Nishi-Azabu crossing aiming to Xross.
As we passed in front of Muse we felt somewhat compelled to get in, but I kept pushing for Xross: not yet another Muse-night, please !

We entered for the full price of ¥3500/2D. We used to get discounts when purchasing a ticket or when leaving, but that policy apparently changed (also possibly because we haven’t been bringing girls with us recently.. gomen ne !).
We got in by 12:30 AM and it was somewhat empty. As time passed by more people came in, but it wasn’t nearly as full as last time.
We suspect that alife‘s recent renewal has been drawing customers away from Xross. The club itself also hasn’t been doing very much to keep its clientèle: no more discounts, no member card thing even though we’ve been filling out forms the last few times we went (waste of my freaking time !).
By 1:30 AM the usual Japanese-disco’s Bon Jovi mix got us excited, though alcohol must have played a role as well ;)
The music wasn’t half bad.. same as usual, popular Japanese-disco stuff. Notably without young punks screaming odore. We haven’t seen those recently, could it be that it went out of fashion ? One can only hope so.

Girls didn’t seem gaijin-friendly at all. As usual with Japanese girls, the ones checking us out where those that came with their Japanese boyfriends: “I look at you and my bf gets jealous ! I’m so transgressive !” ..rightt.

In conclusion, our balance for the night is positive, but only because we had fun dancing, drinking and chatting among ourselves.
Xross was definitely not at its best, quite possibly suffering from the surge of popularity of the renewed alife.
We didn’t like the fact that Xross has been stingy with those invitations/discounts. Nor we liked the fact that we never got any sort of feedback from those membership forms we carefully filled up 2-3 times already (I give you my cell’s email and you don’t even care to spam it ?!).

Next week we are definitely off to alife. Getting in before 11 PM for ¥2500 less than Xross. Much cheaper, possibly much more interesting and a lot more crowded.. though that’s not necessarily a good thing.

Highlights for the night:

  • Drunken Tequila-girl being dragged upstairs by a security guy. Did she try beat up someone ?! I thrive at the thought.
  • A couple of guys wearing wool hats getting on each other’s case. What’s this ? A stupid-wool-hat gangs thing ?

We had fun, but Xross did not provide the best environment for the night.

Time to sleep !

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