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It’s no secret that Tokyo isn’t the best place to attend to Trance events.
Japanese Style clubs tend to favor trance tunes, but it’s usually the Japanese-candy-flavored Trance with those 3-4 melodies that have been repeating for years.

With no upcoming trance events to look forward to, one can only stick to the listening. Buying CDs is a solution, but it’s not always economically feasible. Most club music isn’t meant to be collected on CDs. Club music’s great point is that it isn’t static and what best medium than radio for that ?
Of course we are talking about digital radio, specifically of SHOUTcast servers.
If you are at home, hook your PC to some good speakers. If you are at work and you are lucky enough to have a good Internet connection and enough privacy to use a pair of headphones, then it’s a great way to brighten your work in the office.

This is how it works:

  • If you have a Windows PC, download Winamp. It’s free, you do not need to PRO version for this.
  • If you have a Mac, or Linux, or Windows but you don’t want to use Winamp, then get VLC. It’s great, it’s free, it’s simple.
  • Head to the SHOUTcast page and search for a station. You can search for “Trance” or for a specific DJ.
  • Every station found in the list will have an icon saying TuneIn!
    . Click on it and you are on !

Note that if you are using Firefox and VLC, upon clicking on the TuneIn! icon, it’s possible that a download dialog will prompt you to select the application to pass the static file to.
In this case choose:
(*)Open with -> Other... -> Select vlc.exe on your PC (on default installations this is C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe)

Of course SHOUTcast has literally thousands of radio stations, so you can listen to pretty much every kind of music.
Please note that for radio stations in MP3 format a Bitrate less than 128 isn’t going to give much audio fidelity. We suggest 128K or more for MP3 streams. has often great Trance at 192K for free, while the more popular charges almost $5/month for anything above 96K.

So, what if you don’t have an active Internet connection to listen ?
In this case you can “rip” a radio station’s stream. If you are using Winamp, we suggest Streamripper. Streamripper will save MP3 files on your disk. You can later grab those files and play them again or upload them to your favorite MP3 player.

Happy Streaming !

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