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Check out the latest ASOT Episode from Armin Van Buuren
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When it comes to clubbing, Tokyo can be a very resourceful city. However, it’s often hard to pick the right place. Old clubs close, new one open, trends change, peoples’ interests shift.

We give you an updated report on the city’s club life, specifically geared towards foreigners on the move.

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We finally have a Facebook page.


Check it out at https://www.facebook.com/tokyoclubbers !

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Kind of funny 8)

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121005_ColoR_OPENING_o_usColoR.Tokyo Night Cafe is a recent club, somewhat in the Japanese Disco style, that has opened in Roppongi.

The crowd is relatively young. Apparently coming from Camelot (Shibuya) and Vanity (Roppongi).

It should be worth checking out.
See our dedicated page for more details !

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Here’s another update !

This time is to introduce Tokyo Greeting Service (or TGS for friends) a new service company founded by Yuki a friend and ex-coworker of mine. 

The aim of the service is to make it easy to get around Tokyo. Yuki and the rest of the staff, know Tokyo very well and can help with a range of things, from shopping, to booking restaurants, finding your way to a club, and anything of that sort.

You can find the site at www.tokyogreet.com .

The site is of course in English and so is the service (there wouldn’t be much point in it, otherwise 8).

If you’re new to Tokyo, I think that this is a great service.
The city is really huge and really packed with all sort of shops and countless unnamed streets.
I truly wish there were a service like this when I first came to Tokyo many years ago. 

So, anyhow, if you’re in Tokyo and don’t have much time to waste, give it a try and see how that works out for you.

Have fun ! 

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We haven’t updated this in a looong time.

Here’s some heads up: alife is gone, so no more J-Clubs that I know of in Roppongi.

As for the latest hottest gaijin hotspot, forget Muse and try out Lounge Feria. It’s a gaijin kind of place, but it’s pretty big and fairly happening.

Have fun !

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1) We just added club Deseo in Shibuya

2) Check out @elegirl_ !

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Ferry Corsten is coming to ageHa on December the 29th !

See more details on iFlyer.

Thanks for the heads up to Eiji Fujii, that will be mixing in one of the floors as well.